16 Quick Reasons All on FourTM Implants are Better than Removable Dentures

In the early 1990’s, European dental implant specialist, Dr. Paolo Malo, innovated a teeth replacement technique that offered patients suffering from rampant tooth loss and a failing dentition a far more advantageous solution to their oral problems. This technique, which involved the support of a fully customized, non-removable prosthetic dental bridge by dental implants, was called the All on FourTM. In this article, we shall be providing 16 reasons why this sophisticated protocol is considered to be the standard of dental care for patients in need of a new set of teeth.

Why Choose All on FourTM Implants?

All on 4 Implants provide patients with new teeth that are fixed and non-removable. This eliminates the typical challenges associated with wearing and maintaining traditional removable dentures. These challenges include:

    1. The need to remove your teeth after meals for cleaning.
    2. The need to remove your teeth at night time.
    3. Teeth that move around during eating and conversation.
    4. Social embarrassment caused by unnatural-looking teeth.
    5. Teeth that feel bulky, unnatural and uncomfortable.

All on FourTM implants provide full support for a complete set of replacement teeth. This is as opposed to removable dentures, which rely on their bulkiness and the underlying jaw bone and gum tissue for stability. This eliminates the following typical problems.

    1. The development of oral sores caused by bulky dentures pushing on and rubbing against the supporting gums.
    2. Inflammation and acute discomfort of the gums.
    3. The need to buy anesthetic gels to soothe painful and irritated oral tissues.
    4. Triggering of gag reflex caused by bulky dentures that rest against the soft palate.
    5. Impeded taste and the inability to sense the texture and temperature of your food.
    6. Dentures tend to harbor food debris, which encourages the proliferation of oral bacteria. This leads to poor oral hygiene and a condition aptly referred to as ‘denture breath’.

Unlike All on FourTM implants, removable dentures replace only the invisible portion of the missing teeth. Because they do nothing to stimulate the underlying jaw bone, as the natural tooth roots or dental implants do, atrophy of the hard tissue results in a remodeling process and the loss of healthy bone volume. Bone tissue, just like muscle tissue, requires ‘exercise’ to remain strong and healthy. This leads to the following problems:

  1. Owing to the changing shape of the jaw bone, dentures become increasingly loose and uncomfortable.
  2. The need to have removable dentures refitted every few years or so. With time, the periods between refitting become shorter and shorter as bone loss accelerates.
  3. The associated repeat expenses.
  4. Premature aging of one’s once natural, youthful facial appearance.
  5. 16. Increasingly weaker bite force and the ability to manage a wide, varied diet.

A Final Note on Removable Dentures

Malnutrition is one of the biggest problems faced by elderly denture-wearers in the United States and can actually shorten one’s life-expectancy by 10 years! There simply is no comparison to be made between All on Four implants and the archaic teeth replacement solution that is dentures. For all the reasons mentioned above, people in need of new teeth are urged to make a smart investment in their oral health and overall quality of life.

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